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Product: Mateus Rosé Tempranillo
Company: Mateus
Price: £4.99 per bottle
Mateus Rosé Tempranillo, a single varietal, single vintage wine, is the brand’s first new rosé variant in more than 60 years

Consumer’s verdict
Joanna bowen, marketing executive, 41, reigate, surrey

I like the packaging of this product. It looks classy with silver around the top and silver writing. The label is also nice, featuring what looks like a sunset in hotter climates. On tasting, I found it to be very refreshing and crisp - ideal for a summer evening. It also has a nice aroma and was very easy to drink. My younger friend, who is 24, also really liked the wine and said that, although rosé is not her preferred tipple, she would buy this again. All in all, this is a good product that I will definitely be buying again to quench my thirst on those hot summer nights.

Score: 22/25

Expert’s verdict
Ian McLernon, marketing & sales director, unwins

The first new Mateus rosé variant in 60 years, claims the press release. Must admit that I would not publicly admit to being a Mateus consumer, neither would most 20 to 30-year-olds as the brand struggles to lose its tired image. The packaging has been updated, but the main bottle label still looks rather cheap. The new clear glass bottle retains the classic Mateus shape; however, this time you can see the liquid. To my surprise, the liquid tastes great, very fruity, easy to drink and is the perfect rosé for a warm summer’s evening. Overall, great liquid, shame about the packaging.

Score: 18/25

Total score: 40/50