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Product: dead guy ale
Company: Rogue Ales

Price: £2.99 per 650ml bottle

A 6.4% abv unpasteurised German-style maibock ale from the US, Dead Guy is deep honey in colour with a malty aroma

Consumer’s verdict
Ian hibbert, Mac artworker, 47, ladywell, LONDON

With the skeleton on the label, this product looked like a Victorian ‘cure all’ medicine. I liked the label as it related to the strength of the beer. I could taste the malt but it was not too overpowering, quite soft actually. The aftertaste was clean for a strong beer. Quite a refreshing offering, though I would drink it in autumn or spring rather than summer, as I would prefer a lighter beer option in the warmer months. The beer compares well to other German brewed bocks I’ve tasted, as the taste is clean, though it is a bit strong. Having said that, a bock should be more than 6.25%, so this was not unexpected.

Score: 19/25

Expert’s verdict
Ian McLernon, marketing & sales director, unwins

Dead Guy has very distinctive packaging with its screen-printed 650ml bottle, which one would pick up off the shelf purely out of curiosity. Unlike most US beers the liquid is very challenging, with a distinctive aftertaste, which is driven by its high abv content. The taste is complex and worth savouring - every time you sample it you can pick up different elements of its taste profile. Definitely one to sip and savour. However, it’s a great product with eccentric packaging, which itself will drive significant customer interest in the off-trade. It’s a fascinating beer and well worth a try.

Score: 22/25

Total score: 41/50