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Product: Little Creatures
Company: hamana
Price: £1.49 per 330ml bottle

Australian pale ale Little Creatures is a handcrafted, bottled and conditioned beer with a 5.2% abv

Consumer’s verdict
Andrew Purnell, computer programmer, 41, Chalfont St Giles

I shop this category regularly so I am always on the look out for something new, and was therefore interested in trying Little Creatures. I found the packaging of this product attractive and I would have been drawn to it on-shelf. Little Creatures has a refreshing, fruity taste and is very quaffable. But it is deceptive as it is quite strong. The only criticism is that there is little detail on the back of the bottle. I wanted to know why it was called Little Creatures and would also have welcomed some information about its provenance and the brewery, as well as the taste.

Score: 20/25

Expert’s verdict
Ian McLernon, marketing & sales director, unwins

Once was the day that England dominated the world of pale ales. Little Creatures from Australia looks set to prove how brewers around the world can create some great brews. The product has a clean and very refreshing taste, with all the traditional pale ale characteristics. And it tastes great, served cold or ambient. The packaging has good standout in a traditional 330ml bottle. However, limited product description on the label may restrict some consumers’ appreciation of this great product. With the growth of the specialist beer sector, Little Creatures has real potential.

Score: 22/25

Total score: 42/50