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Product: Enliven
Company: DCS Europe
Price: 99p per product

Enliven Active Care range includes a 2-in-1 shampoo, aftershave balm, shower gel, deodorant and a variety of hair gels, while the Natural Fruit Extract range offers shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and hand and body lotions in four natural extract varieties.

Consumer’s verdict
Lene Larsen, It manager, 33, Manchester

I tried this range together with my partner and we agreed that it is excellent value for money. The packaging of both the ranges is very attractive. The products look classy and are something we would feel happy leaving on display in the bathroom. All the Natural Fruit Extract offerings, aimed at women, smelled delicious and the hair products I tried left my hair easy to brush and shiny. The lotions were easy to apply but slightly runny. My partner tried the whole Active Care range, which is aimed at men, and was impressed with all the products, especially the styling ones. No doubt we will be buying this in the future.

Score: 23/25

Buyer’s verdict
Valerie Aston, buying controller, proudfoot

Salon professional-looking pack for Enliven Natural Fruit Extracts offers four natural extract varieties that are all increasing in popularity. My only problem with the shampoo and conditioner is that each variety does not state what hair type it is for. Slick black packaging introduces Enliven Active Care, which is tapping into the popular men’s care category. The press release quotes a variety of science, but who is going to know apart from the grocery trade, as nothing is stated on pack. The range is a reasonable 99p per product and should do well, but there are quite a few varieties of brands now available in this price bracket to choose from.

Score: 15/25

Total score: 38/50