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Product: césu special export
Company: césu Alus
Price: £1.49 per bottle

Available in 500ml bottles, Césu Special Export is an authentic imported premium strength light beer, brewed and bottled in Latvia.

Consumer’s Verdict
Robert Mitchell, Senior business development manager, 34, West sussex
I doubt if I would have ever tried Césu was it not for the Acid Test as with no distinguishing features, I would not have noticed it in the shops. This is a shame, because when I tasted it, it proved to be a smooth, refreshing and pleasant drink. All in all, the liquid itself compares favourably to similar offerings available on the market, but I would not be drawn to Césu for a retail purchase. Having said that, I would buy it in the right circumstances, say, if it was sold in a contemporary London bar where you are more likely to try something different.

Score: 10/25

Expert’s Verdict
Ian Mclernon, marketing & sales director, unwins
Césu appears to be primarily positioned in the UK market on its Latvian provenance, which I don’t believe is relevant to the consumer. Also, the label contains very little product information in English, plus has poor standout. However, the liquid itself is good and has tons of character. Sadly, I believe it will disappear amongst a crowded market. This is a shame because the liquid itself is great and with some clever positioning in the market and re-rejuvenated packaging, this brand could have potential to be a credible player in the growing specialist beer category.

Score: 8/25

Total score: 18/50