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Product: wyndham estate bin 222 sparkling chardonnay
Company: wyndham estate
Wyndham Estate's Bin 222 Sparkling Chardonnay is made from selected parcels of Chardonnay from the growing regions in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales.
Price: £7.99 per bottle

Sean O'Riley, advertising executive, 32, bristol
A fan of sparkling wine and Chardonnay, the new Wyndham Estate offering certainly appealed to me on paper.
I quite liked the packaging, which I thought made the product look quite posh, although it was a little over the top.
On tasting, I found the newcomer to have a crisp and clean finish and I could imagine enjoying a chilled glass as an aperitif wine.
However, there was nothing special with this drink - I have tasted better before, but have also tasted worse.
With its reasonable price tag, I would consider buying this drink in the future, but I will not be rushing to the shops.
Score: 17/25

jonathan Butt, head of global sourcing, thresher group
On first viewing the label you can't help but feel it's just stepped off a Puff Daddy album cover. The bottle has been dressed in gold, obviously to add a premium feel to the packaging, however it mutes rather than adds appeal.
On the nose, the wine offers little, some green apple at most, although the mousse is lively and acceptably fine.
In the mouth, simplicity rules, little fruit to speak of, fresh, clean and inoffensive, but devoid of character.
It's a simple fizz, which will offend nobody, but there are certainly alternatives available which offer more for less.
Score: 14/25
Total score: 31/50

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