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Product: Plum Baby
Company: plum baby
The Plum Baby range uses organic
ingredients and contains no added salt, sugar, preservatives or artificial additives
Price: £1.99 per pack
containing two 100g pots
consumer's verdict
daniel clarke, baby, 8 months, Lingfield, Surrey
My mummy liked the fact that fresh ingredients were shown on the packaging. She said that it made the packs look very appealing.
She usually makes my food herself as she doesn't like the smell and additives used in some jars of babyfood. But Plum Baby is more like homemade fare.
As it's ambient, it's ideal for emergencies and trips to the park! I'm more interested in my tastebuds, and fortunately both flavours had me smiling - and wanting more.
Mummy added some cooked fresh fish to the parsnip, apple and pea flavour, which was delicious. We've decided that Plum Baby makes an excellent addition to my diet.
Score: 25/25
buyer's verdict
Tina Hird, trading controller, spar
The quality of packaging is superb, although the pack design is too busy and some of the comments a little twee.
Beware when opening the pots as the products are quite runny and tend to spurt out. The babies to whom I fed the products loved them and could not get enough.
I'm not impressed with the on-pack suggestion of adding your own chopped organic ingredients to give a chunkier texture - I might as well make the meal myself if I have to go to that trouble.
At about £1 per pot for a fully organic superfood, these give value for money if you are affluent and pressed for time, but this does not apply to everyone.
Score: 22/25
Total score: 47/50