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From: Buzz Natural Products

Designed to prevent hangovers after moderate drinking, these tablets contain l-cystein and vitamins C and B1, said to boost the body’s ability to deal with the toxins in alcohol.

Price: £1.95, two tablet sachet

Total score: 36/50
consumer’s verdict
russell haughton, 32, doctor, liverpool
I’m a weekend drinker generally. I try to be sensible but I have to admit that, certainly over the festive season, hangovers can be a bit of a problem.
First impressions are that the packaging is bulky for only two tablets and looks like it contains a large condom. The on-pack information doesn’t really explain how the product works, but the tablets are quite easy to swallow, although large, and they have no nasty after-taste.
I tried them several times - before nights of varying degrees of debauchery - and overall they seem to work. It’s hard to say whether feeling OK the next morning was all down to the tablets, or whether drinking water and pacing myself or, perhaps, just being lucky played their part.
If these could guarantee to work every time, then at £1.95 a pop I’d probably buy them.
Score: 19/25
buyer’s verdict
IAIN Troup, Category manager, distributor/ mace retailer, aberness
TakeBuzz is unusual. I am not aware of any other product claiming to prevent a hangover. Most aim to cure them.
The black and red packaging is eye-catching but the emphasis on the word ‘Buzz’ may give consumers the impression that this is an energy supplement.
I tried the product during the festive period before a substantial quantity of alcohol. It seemed to help with the morning after, but some of the usual symptoms persisted. I suspect the results depend on the person as well as the volume or type of alcohol consumed.
The sachet would suit convenience stores but would you site it with medicines, with alcohol or at the till point? It would need advertising to make it a success in the UK.
Score: 17/25