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kit kat and rolo low carb
From: Nestlé

Nestlé’s low-carb versions of popular confectionery countlines Kit Kat and Rolo are rolling out for general sale next month. The launch is Nestlé’s first foray into the low-carb arena.
Price: 79p for a two-finger Kit Kat Low Carb, £1.49 for a tube of Rolo Low Carb (£5.29 and £9.89 respectively for seven-piece multipacks).

Total score: 40/50
consumer’s verdict
Melanie Johnson, teacher, 33, Guildford, Surrey
Like most women, I am a big chocolate lover and am always looking for new ways to shift a few pounds without giving up chocolate.
Because of that, I was very excited about this launch from Nestlé, albeit slightly sceptical.
Already a regular Kit Kat muncher, I found the taste of the low-carb version very good, although it did not have as sweet an aftertaste as the original. The packaging was bright and eye-catching and, knowing the health benefits, I would buy it again instead of the standard version.
Rolo Low Carb also tasted good - much the same as the original - but the filling is a little stickier. Both products are better than I expected, and if you look at them as a dietary aid they are reasonably priced.
Score: 22/25
buyer’s verdict
Stewart Waldie, buying controller, nisa-today’s
Low-carb products are projected to be the next growth sector following the success of the Atkins diet.
My first impression of the two products that Nestlé is about to launch is that they will stand out on shelf because of their distinct packaging highlighting the low-carb message. Both looked similar to the standard product. The Kit Kat was almost identical on taste but the low-carb Rolo had a noticeable aftertaste. Pricing will be the biggest obstacle in deciding the success of these products, with the premium over a standard pack far too much.
A single pack of standard Rolo retails at about 35p against a projected retail for the low-carb version at £1.49. Kit Kat standard retails at 98p for a 9-pack against projected retail for a single pack at 79p.
Score: 18/25n Product:
Taut Isotonic
Taut Isotonic
n Launch date:
June 2003