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Cadbury Mini Dipping Donuts

From: Kitchen Range Foods

The Cadbury brand has made its instore bakery debut with two doughnut, dip and topping combinations from Kitchen Range Foods. The dips are Dairy Milk in a sauce format and the toppings are Crunchie or Dairy Milk pieces.

Price: £1.69

Total score: 36/50
consumer’s verdict

The dip could have been a bit thicker, but I couldn’t stop eating the Crunchie one - the honey bits were really yummy.

My friends and I thought they would be ideal as an afternoon snack in the office. They are the perfect food for eating at the computer or taking on a picnic because they are so portable. They are definitely products for sharing though - you couldn’t eat a whole box by yourself without feeling sick.

Score: 18/25
buyer’s verdict

iain troup, category manager, distributor/ mace retailer aberness These use clever brand association to sell ordinary doughnuts and are likely to be a high impulse purchase.

They may be a bit expensive at £1.69 but the shopper will be probably be attracted by the indulgence factor. They are delicious when combined with the Cadbury chocolate and would be great for treating kids or sharing on a night in.

The packaging uses the Cadbury branding well and the doughnuts probably won’t need a major advertising campaign to succeed.

Retailers buy the products frozen and defrost them for 90 minutes. The shelf life is then one to two days. I am sure that these will be successful for retailers who display them prominently but c-stores can be very small and freezers consume a lot of space so stock holding could be a problem.Score: 18/25