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Raven special reserve port

From: Quinta do Noval

Distributed by Paragon Vintners, this non-vintage ruby port in a sleek square bottle has been introduced to encourage younger consumers into the market.

Price: £8.99 for a 50ml bottle

Total score: 28/50
consumer’s verdict

Ilhan Yusuf, graphic designer, 42, North London

I would not describe myself as a typical port drinker and I shared this bottle with a few friends who all said it would never occur to them to buy port. But they all seemed pleasantly surprised.

The packaging conjured up associations of balsamic vinegar and olive oil so perhaps the manufacturers hope this will help win over a more adventurous crowd.

With the right marketing campaign I think they might be able to pull it off, partly at least. But I'm not sure it will be possible to shift consumers’ perception of port and attract a younger, trendy crowd.

Descriptions of the taste included caramel, vanilla and gooseberry. Others thought it was more similar to burnt chocolate.

Score: 16/25
buyer’s verdict

Sally Holloway, wine and spirits buyer, Booths

If this bottle could walk, it would strut the catwalk like a tall, leggy supermodel. The smart presentation and elegant bottle is very eye-catching and attractive even if it may prove too tall to sit on a supermarket shelf.

This modern port has been created to suit younger consumers and Quinta do Noval should be commended for trying to broaden the appeal of port.

On tasting the port, it has a very ‘spirity’ nose but lacks fruit on the palate.

The finish is slightly bitter and is no comparison to Optima 10-year-old Tawny, another port with a modern presentation that is also aimed at the younger market.

To coin a well-used phrase; this port has style but no substance.

Score: 12/25