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From: Diageo

Diageo is hoping to build sales of Pimm’s outside the summer months through its new winter version.

The newcomer is a blend of the traditional No.3 Brandy Cup with the addition of orange zest and spices. It has the same 25% abv as the main brand.
Price: £11.99 per 70cl bottle
Total score: 45/50

Consumer’s verdict
Terry Jones, sales director, 55, Liverpool

I tried all the options suggested on the back of the bottle and it tasted nice whichever way I drank it.

However, I liked it best as a long drink mixed with ginger ale - this was really delicious.

The subtle hint of orange zest and spices made for a very tasteful and refreshing tipple.

I think Pimm’s Winter will do very well during the colder months as it also gives you that ‘nice warm feeling’ - perfect for enjoying on a cold night in front of the fireplace.

When I first heard of the product, I expected a superior drink as I am a big fan of the traditional Pimm’s, and I was not disappointed.

I will most certainly buy Pimm’s Winter again and will be more than happy to recommend the product to family and friends.
Score: 23/25

Buyer’s verdict
Andrew Hargreaves, Trading controller - Off licence, LANDMARK

Using the No.3 Cup as a base, mixed with the additional zest of orange and spices, makes a refreshing yet ‘warming’ drink for the winter, which works well as a compliment to the role of Pimm’s No.1 in the summer. If you're a ‘summer Pimm’s drinker’, then this is for you.

The taste and blend of the newcomer is excellent and, mixed as directed with either ginger ale or lemonade over ice, hits the spot. I can also imagine it being nice ‘warmed’, like mulled wine.

The drink is currently being test launched in Waitrose, and coming from a major spirits company will no doubt receive the necessary ad support in the area of test. However, success will depend on customer trial, since present display in my local branch does not shout for attention.
Score: 22/25