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Tia Maria orange
From: Allied Domecq

Tia Maria Orange from Allied Domecq is targeted at established consumers and the gift sector. The newcomer hit shelves exclusively in Asda stores before Christmas.
Price: £13.99 per 70cl bottle
Total score: 42/50

Consumer’s verdict
Denise phillips, solicitor, 29, Belfast

I like the packaging of this new product. It has the same quality feel as the original Tia Maria while making good use of the orange colour.

While I quite liked the original Tia Maria, it was never one of my favourite drinks because I found the coffee flavour a bit overpowering.

However I really enjoyed this new variety. It has an excellent smooth chocolate orange flavour which seemed to be blended very well.

I could see myself enjoying one or two glasses of this tipple at the weekend. It would also be very suitable to offer to friends and family after a dinner party.

If I bought a bottle of the original it would sit in the drinks cabinet for a long time. I imagine this drink would be drunk more often, so I would buy it more often.
Score: 19/25

Buyer’s verdict
Andrew Hargreaves, Trading controller - off-licence, Landmark

As the name suggests, this is an extension of the Tia Maria stable by the innovative addition of an orange flavour to the successful Tia Maria coffee liqueur base.

The product maintains all the dark, rich properties of the original liqueur, but now with the added lingering essence of orange.

Launched exclusively in Asda outlets and supported by off-shelf displays, sampling and consumer surveys, I have no doubt that this product will make a successful incursion into the buoyant liqueur market when extended to national distribution.

The performance of a more chocolate-orange taste, rather than than coffee-orange, would obtain positive responses from its target market of the more mature, sophisticated women.
Score: 23/25