Helen Colley Farmhouse Fare MD

You need to have total faith in your product and be passionate about it, because if you don't believe, no one else will. As well as being of the highest quality, your product also needs to have a strong point of difference. This helps it to stand out from the crowd and to have an edge over the bigger brands.

It is also important to have a good awareness of what other products are on the market, what the key trends are and what your immediate competitors are up to.

Packaging and innovation are also really important. The product needs strong initial appeal on-shelf to make it stand out to potential consumers, and strong brand recognition for existing products is paramount.

You need to ask yourself 'what is my product?'and 'who is it for?'

It helps to complete a brand proposition and tailor your brand identity to your company ethos, lines and consumers.

Mark Phillips Sales and marketing director, Orchard House Foods

The key to achieving success against bigger players is to ensure your product is innovative and sticks to your brand's core values.

At I Am Fresh, we constantly ask ourselves a question: 'When is a juice not a juice?' The fact is all branded juices are made from processed fruit, which means many of them contain frozen and aseptic purées.

Many are also pasteurised. Pasteurisation may be good for milk, but it is bad for fruit.

This is why we launched I Am Fresh. We believe it is the only product made only from fresh fruit. It contains no old purées, no chemicals and no pasteurisation.

We know we are up against heavily marketed brands, but our campaign is about freshness, flavour and wellness. I Am Fresh tastes brighter, fresher, fruitier and healthier than so-called 'fresh' juices, which can have a shelf life of up to 42 days.

We're also backing this up with on-line activity and sampling throughout the summer.