However, the smoothie sector has now to be taken seriously because its growth in the market has been extraordinary. PJ's, whose marketing antics and labelling graphics suggest wickedness, fun and health all at the same time, has driven the trade through the multiples, while Innocent, the sweetness and light' contrast to PJ's, has made slower inroads by using the café society' momentum as a base to launch products, and is now gaining multiple listings. As always the big brands sit and watch and then, when they think the market is worthwhile, jump in'. Müller Tropicana and St Ivel are now both in the race to have a big brand' in the market. Both have yogurt heritage and Müller is looking to use the combined kudos of Müller and Tropicana on the label to drive home the consumer awareness of the quality of its brands. In both cases the consumer will probably be confused as to what is the difference between a smoothie and a yogurt drink. It remains to be seen whether they spend the advertising revenue on educating people as to the difference or merely espouse the brand's credentials to drive the product. Either way, the move by major brands may well be a good thing for smoothies. Neither PJ's nor Innocent have the budgets to create a mainstream category awareness by above the line spend. A lot of the momentum has been achieved by hard work and word of mouth. With some heavyweight TV behind the category, more people may well be induced to seek it out as opposed to just those in the know finding it. Quality, heritage, brand values and first-to-market will decide who stays in and who falls by the wayside. There may be room for all if the category grows sufficiently to warrant the space, but this is unlikely. Whatever the smoothie is, it is about to come of age in the grocery market. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}