On sale Monday January 22 £ Architectural Digest (import) £5.70 from January issue £ Exercise & Health (Import) £3.25 from spring issue £ Hair Cut & Style (Import) £2.50 from May issue £ Gardens, Decks & Patios (import) £3.50 from spring issue £ Official Manchester United Magazine £2.99 from the February issue CLO PWI Annual This title ceases publication with the 2000 issue on sale today On sale Tuesday January 23 OSD Dive February issue due today now on sale January 26 SP Knave Gusset £3.25 special, SoR, print run 70,000, A4, 124 pages, on sale for eight weeks until March 20, Blackhorse Distribution SP Knave PenPower £3.95 special, SoR, print run 50,000, A5, 196 pages, on sale for eight weeks until March 20, Blackhorse Distribution On sale Wednesday January 24 CM More! February issue, bagged erotic fiction novel B Motor Cycle News Issue on sale this week carries an Ally Pally supplement B, P The People's Friend Issue dated January 27, on sale today, carries an eight-page cookery pullout plus national press publicity CM Smash Hits Issue on sale today, keyring and pen SP Weekly World News 2001 January Special will be published instead of January 30, price will be £1.25 (usually 80p) and it will be on sale for four weeks £ What DVD £3.25 from February issue ­ price reduction On sale Thursday January 25 SP Chat Special Series It's Fate' 55p, special aimed at women from 19 to 29 years old, MarketForce £, CM Classic Bike Guide £2.90 from February issue, carries fourth in series of outserted Nick Ward prints CM Colour Crazy February issue, paint set CM Cross Stitch Card Shop Issue No 17, stitching pack CM DPFX magazine February issue, a CD ROM £ Gamesmaster £2.85 from February issue CM Garden News This week's issue, seeds CM I Love Ponies February/March issue, pony figurine CM Mix Mag February issue, CD CM PC Utilities Issue No 8, exclusive CD FREQ Parrots Last alternate-month issue dated February/March, will increase to monthly from April CM Popular Wordsearch Issue No 69, pen RL, CM Puzzle Annual's Wordsearch First re-designed issue, as part of Cottage Publishing's new programme, £1.99. Carries free pen, Comag £ Quilt Almanac (Import) £3.75 for 2001 issue DIST Red Hot 18 MMC takes over distribution from ProActive, from Vol 2 No 1 on sale today, price £3.50 L SPL 2001 Albums and Stickers Issue dated 01/00, in the collectables sector, aimed at boys aged from seven to 15, Albums, £1.49, Stickers 30p a pack £ Ultimate Gamer £1.60 from issue No 15, price reduction NAME Vogue Russian February issue will not appear, title will change to GQ Russian On sale Friday January 26 Saturday January 27 OSD All About Dogs February/March issue on sale today CM Computer Video February issue, outserted competition to win the latest in video editing equipment CM DJ magazine Vol 2, No 82, CD OSD F1 Sport International Season preview due January 27 now on sale February 17 B International Dolls House News February/March, four-page pull-out centre section featuring 100 years of miniatures P Job Hunters Guide Issue dated February 2, on sale today and into its Third week of the wholesale incentive scheme OSD, FREQ Karate International (Import) Winter 100 issue due November 3, now on sale today, when the frequency changes to quarterly £ Model Cars Plus £3 from February/March issue CM, P My Weekly Issue dated February 3, lipstick; national press publicity CM, P Shout Issue No 207, denim bag plus national press publicity SP Sixteen (Import) A special winter issue SP Teen Beat (Import) Special winter issue OSD Terroriser March issue due today, now on sale February 15 {{CTN }}