On Sale Monday October 11 B Good Housekeeping Nov issue offers readers chance to win a Peugeot 206 worth £10,000 carries a Skin Care Supplement CM Zest Nov issue offers 25 prizes worth up to £5,000 each plus a tube of Q10 Energising cream worth £3.45 On Sale Tuesday October 12 SP Galaxy Year Book £3.95, SoR, Blackhorse. A4 160 pages, saddle stitched on sale for 12 weeks, off sale Jan 7 £ Hello! 10p increase for Issue 581 only ­ revenue raised will be donated to NSPCC CM Match Carries millennium cards SP Ravers Readers Wives £3.25, SoR, Blackhorse. A4 116 pages, on sale for eight weeks, off sale on December 7 On Sale Wednesday October 13 CM, P The Beano CM Swizzels Matlow Lolly, advertisements in Dandy, Bunty, People's Friend, My Weekly, The Weekly News, The Sunday Post CM Big Time Issue 79, Tarzan Meccano torch £ C & VG £1.99 from the November issue CM Sky Nov issue CM poster On Sale Thursday October 14 B Autosport The Malaysian GP Preview issue CM, P Babycare & Pregnancy Nov issue CM mittens; advertised in My Weekly, People's Friend, The Sunday Post, The Weekly News B Canal & Riverboat Nov issue polybagged 40p boat builders supplement B Craft World No1 is an Christmas card special CM Family Wordsearch Jumbo No.38, carries chunky highlighter pen B Home Cinema Choice Nov issue 32p DVD Technology supplement CM Horse & Pony Nov issue, CD CM Internet Answers Issue No2 CD-Rom L, CM Jellikins £1.20, SoR, Seymour, launch issue CM with Jellikins bowl, spoon and Rowntree's jelly. Ties in with new GMTV programme aimed at two to five year olds CM Model Railway Enthusiast Nov, card modelling kit worth £1 CM N64 PRO Nov, 20p sampler of Nintendo Nation B New Stitches Issue No 79 Cross Stitching supplement £ Official Playstation Final Fantasy Special £4.99 from the October issue L Scooby Doo Mystery Issue No 1 a Warner Bros. monthly sticker magazine, Seymour B Teddy Bear Club International November issue, 24 page banded A4 miniatures supplement £, FREQ Tellytime Special £1.95 from Issue No 4, which will change to alternate month frequency CM Top Santé Nov issue, diet book CM Total Style Nov/Dec, year 2000 diary B Traditional Boats & Tall Ships Oct/Nov issue 32page pull out supplement on shipbuilding NAME Used Bike Guide Title changed to Which Bike? Used Bike Guide from Nov issue B What Cellphone & Personal Office Nov issue bagged 16p accessory supplement CM Woodturning Nov, two free catalogues On Sale Friday October 15 and Saturday October 16 CM, P Animals and You Issue No.45, fish hair clips; advertised in Beano, Bunty, Dandy, Shout, My Weekly, People's Friend, The Sunday Post and The Weekly News £, OS, CM, P Classic Stitches £3.50 from No.35 os today not Oct.22; C/M transfer sheet and advertised in My Weekly, People's Friend, The Sunday Post and The Weekly News CM Dirt Bike Rider Nov, giant poster of 1999 Dirt Bike champion B Dogs Today Nov issue, 24p insert supplement Choosing a Puppy CM Gunmart Nov issue fold out wall planner/calendar £ MotorSport £3.50 from October issue B, P My Weekly Issue dated Oct 23 16 page Children's Knits pull out plus national press publicity £ Nintendo World £1.95 from Nov. issue B Practical Craft Nov. issue Make Your Own Christmas Decorations' supplement B Practical Householder Nov, carries DIY supplement B Wild About Animals Nov/Dec CM second of two part Wildlife supplement {{CTN }}