On sale Monday August 14 CM Bob the Builder Issue 13, paints OSD Burn Sept issue due today will now go os Aug 17 £ Edge £3.80 from Sept issue £ Power £2.99 from Sept issue OSD Star Wars Comic No 31 will now appear Aug 28 £ Street Rodder (Import) £2.75 from Aug issue £ T3 magazine £3.25 from Sept issue on sale Tuesday August 15 B Best Issue coverdated Aug 22; Dossier: It's not your fault you're fat £ Esquire USA (Import) £3.25 from Aug issue CM Inside Soap Issue 160 carries competitions and readers offers CM Mojo Sept issue CD £ Redline £3.50 from Sept issue on sale Wednesday August 16 CM C&VG magazine Sept issue beach ball MER Gardens Made Easy Title will incorporate Garden Ideas from late summer issue os today £ Glory Glory Man United £1.75 from the September issue CM Improve Your Coarse Fishing Sept issue Drennan Line £ New Yorker (Import) £3.95 from issue dated August 21 CM Noddy Issue 143 Star stickers OSD Royalty Vol 16 no 9 due today will now go os Aug 23 CM Playdays Sept issue Playdoh B Running Fitness Sept issue carries Training Guide £ Television £2.90 from Sept issue on sale Thursday August 17 £ Blast £2.25 from Sept issue £ Business 2.0 £3.00 from Sept issue £ Daltons Weekly £1.00 issue os this week £ Elektor Electronics £2.95 from Sept issue ­ this is a reduction L, CM FTL on the Farm £1.75, m, following a January test, title launching as latest addition to the Fun To Learn brand, aimed at three to five year old boys and girls; two toy farm animals B Face Sept issue is a fashion special £ The Field £3.20 from Sept issue CM Film Review Special No 32, CD CM Furniture & Cabinet Making Sept issue outserted book offer worth £14.99 CM Good Health Sept/Oct issue, 64 page guide to supplements, vitamins and minerals, plus chance to win a stay at a health spa £, CM Jump £1.50 from issue no 11, six hair jewels for girls £ Nintendo Pro £3.99 from Issue 37 OSD PC Gameplay Sept issue due today will now go os August 24 £, CM Popular Criss Cross £1.30 from issue no 5; pen B Practical Boatowner Sept issue features 16 page section on choosing the best equipment plus a guide for the Southampton Boat Show £ Sailing Today £3.00 from Sept issue £, RL Shop@Home £2.90 from Issue 5, relaunch includes new layout, decrease in price and realignment to target female readership P, B Take a Break's Take a Crossword Issue 9, ads in The Mirror, and in all Take a Break Puzzle Group titles; Crossword supplement CM Teletubbies Issue 39 stickers/Lolly mould CM Tweenies Messy Time summer special apron B Waterways World Sept, Thames supplement B X-Pose No 49 this issue will feature Buffy, Xena and the X-Files on sale Friday August 18 Saturday August 19 CM Airgun World Sept, safety supplement CM All About Soap Sept issue, free WAP mobile phone offer, plus £30 off at Arcadia Group Stores and a subscription to All About Soap CM, P Animals and You Issue no 67, Chunky charm necklace; supported by ads £ Cut & Style (Import) £2.25 from no 13 B The English Garden Sept, 32 page supplement CM Fluid Sept issue, CD CM Garden Answers Sept, Ruby Giant crocus CM The Guitar Magazine Sept issue guitar strings CM Maxpower Sept issue Vinyl Sun strip £, CM MotorSport £3.95 Sept issue only; video £ Off Road & 4 Wheel Drive £3.00 from issue no 9 CM Pilot Sept, Transair catalogue SP Pokémon Coverdated Sept, £3.50, Future CM Sea Angler Sept issue, Supermood Line {{CTN }}