Paul Morton runs a group of seven discount stores, Superbuys, owned by his family and based around Dorset. He tried a wide range of brands before settling for TDK, supplemented by Duracell at the largest store. "We tried all sorts of batteries in all sections of the market from the really cheap to the expensive. The cheaper batteries were often returned as they did not last long. We settled on TDK since the stands also provide their audio and video tapes. We do a fantastic business on batteries and they give a mark up of over 100% which is good for us as a discount group. "Five people a month approach me trying to sell me other brands but it's not worth changing." Grey market supplies are making increasing inroads into the battery market with Tesco sourcing batteries from the EU grey market. Morton has also taken this route with Duracell. He says: "We found a new supplier who imports them, though imported batteries are not guaranteed by Duracell." Success with batteries has led him to stock a far bigger range of sizes, embracing watch and camera batteries. The large stands are placed in the same places in all the stores to encourage customer identification and promotional packs, signage and checkout packs are introduced from time to time to stimulate sales. Customers buying electrical goods are always asked if they want to buy batteries. Sainsbury stocks Duracell, Energizer, Eveready and own label while its Savacentre stores stock these and Panasonic (from September 2000), Philips and Sony. Sainsbury's non foods category buyer Helen Birch says: "With an 18% share in the battery market, batteries are of great importance to Sainsbury. It is critical we continue to offer customers the best quality brands as well as a quality own label range of alkaline. "Most purchases from Sainsbury are impulse purchases so we merchandise to make it easy for the customer to select the battery required." Birch adds: "Sainsbury is committed to having ongoing battery promotional offers to enable customers to multibuy into the category while offering good value for money." {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}