Colour, design and street cred aren't the first thoughts that come to mind when buying household cleaners, but these are increasingly being used to woo consumers. Addis manufactures the Ultima mop and says the wet cleaning market is very much fashion driven, and that this year's colour is still metallic. Produced with men in mind, its stainless steel Mach3 of the mop world has attracted attention from the men's press, and has since spawned a graphite version. Driving growth is a combination of colour and strong promotional activity, says marketing manager Kate Johnston, particularly in the kitchen where people can coordinate colours quickly. The next big trend, however, is products for wooden floors. "With more and more people laying wooden floors, this is an area that is going to blossom," says Johnston, "and products will soon be on the market which will fuel this trend." Bluecol Brands, maker of Buddy and Planet Earth household cleaners, claims a revolution has begun with the humble washing up liquid bottle. UK sales director Kevin Buckles says: "New designs in spray format preventing liquid residue on the bottle sides and dynamic new labelling have moved this product towards a premium price point." Procter & Gamble's radical new look for Fairy washing up liquid has certainly inspired consumers. The company claims that over the last three months its share of the sector has soared 53%. Soon to follow suit is Cussons' makeover of Morning Fresh. Jeyes has used links with aromatherapy to develop its Bloo Crystal Clear liquid toilet rims. Serenity was modelled on a fine fragrance while Vitality was based on citrus vanilla. Marketing controller Jayne Hazlewood says: "A good delivery of fragrance is important to toilet care which is following the same route as air care, with traditional smells such as pine being replaced by aquas and ocean smells. We will see more fragrance developments and more creative colours as people like to match their rooms with their loo rims. "Just because it's going into a toilet, there's no reason why it shouldn't be attractive." Better known in the UK for its adhesives such as Pritt, Henkel is now hoping to carve a niche in the toilet cleaning market with Bref WC Active Foam and Tabs. Although competing head to head with Domestos and Harpic, a spokesman says Bref is unique in that both products can be used together safely which no other product can. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}