It's not what you do, but the way you do it Last year the spray was the thing. But now the brightest spots in the suncare products market are applications and packaging. That's not to say there hasn't been continued improvement in formulation but, as manufacturers say, their task has been to make the consumer's job of skin protection from the sun as easy as possible. Laboratoires Garnier has developed a convenient and speedy formula for applying sun protection this season. Its Ambre Solaire Express Protection Wipes impregnated with SPF12 are aimed at people on the move. The wipes come in a handy resealable foil pack of 20 (rsp £9.99). Group product manager Sarah Marsh says: "The challenge for us is to make suncare as easy as possible, and these wipes are easy and speedy to apply." Another novel way of boosting sales and encouraging people to use sun protection comes from Linco Care. Its new handy 25g sachet of Calypso SPF15 sun lotion retailing at 99p is claimed to be the first sun protection sachet on the market, and it is specifically targeted at the independents. Marketing manager Tony Ward says: "Many retailers haven't had room for sun creams in the past, but these sachets take up very little shelf space." Jazzy packaging has helped promote gels. These gels, particularly with added aloe vera, have been welcomed as a boost to the aftersun sector which currently lags behind the dominant sun protection category. Linco Care produces one under the Calypso label, while Trustin's award winning Banana Boat variant has helped the company make inroads into the multiples. As health and beauty care edge closer together, research and development has led to additional benefits such as vitamins, normally associated with skincare, to formulations. Manufacturers have recognised the potential in age related product targeting. Beiersdorf UK has launched two anti-ageing suncare lines which are initially exclusive to Boots. Adding a sparkle or a shimmer has also given the artificial tanning sector a lift. Laboratoires Garnier has made a breakthrough here targeting people who want a healthy glow rather than the Greek god bronze look. The company's new Ambre Solaire Instant Shimmer Bronzer is a two in one formulation aimed at the young, offering tinted make up and a fake tan which develops in an hour. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}