It's the latest Green Issue of The Grocer, packed with news, comment and analysis of our industry's impact on the environment.

Adam Leyland kicks things off by arguing in his Editor's Comment that packaging is like sex - it sells.

Nick Hughes asks why the UK's record on recycling is so poor compared to the rest of Europe.

In this week's Third Patry column, Beverley Parrish of sustainability consultancy WSP UK says manufacturers and retailers in the food trade can make waste pay by using anaeorbic digestion to generate energy.

Drought is casting a deep shadow over the business world but, finds Rob Brown, a unified voice remains out of reach.

Sue Scott says companies under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint should cuddle up to a supply chain partner.

And Richard Ford goes behind the scenes of what Robert Wiseman claims is the most eco-friendly dairy processing unit in the world at Bridgwater.

The week's green news:

Roses return to tins as Cadbury scraps cardboard box trial
Bottle return scheme ‘would cost £450m to set up’
Unilever ahead of schedule on 100% sustainable palm oil goal
Adnams turns brewery waste into energy
Sainsbury’s plans to launch green score card for its suppliers
Nestlé ambassadors check out Cocoa Plan
AB World Foods cuts C02 in shipping deal
East End Foods‘ farming HQ to provide agricultural education
Curtains for shrink-wrap at CJ Lang
Harry Tuffins water named most ethical
Recyclable bottles for revamped HP range
Volvic scores a first with sugarcane waste bottle
Sustainability pledge from Douwe Egberts
Chile winery joins world’s greenest list
Carlsberg thinks greener with tank manoeuvres
Carbon-neutral milk milestone for Alpro
Fridays shells out for solar-powered eggs
Young’s cuts water use and CO2 output
Wiseman’s five-year plan to go greener