Bagged snacks remain an important part of the British diet and growth of 2.1% year on year confirms this statistic. While EDLP on certain products may have been holding back the value growth of snacks in the supermarkets, the impulse sector has been flourishing. These generally lower prices have also had a deleterious effect on own label, good news for branded products. Market leader Walkers has increased the price of its standard single pack which has helped to increase the value of the market, as has manufacturers' move towards larger packs. Sharing' packs are growing in supermarkets with Doritos the main player. One big success has been Kettle Chips, up 19% over the past year. And Doritos 3Ds ­ last year's star product ­ has enjoyed a good first year on shelf with sales of around £16m. Pringles has suffered this year despite the handy pots' innovation and new flavours. However, the lower fat version, Pringles Right, has gone some way to halting the decline of the brand as a whole with sales of over £15m since its launch. A key reason for improved performance in bagged snacks is increased distribution. Walkers has upped distribution for French Fries with its multipacks, supported by promotional activity, and has seen sales soar from £28m to £37m in the past 12 months. KP has been sending reps from store to store, eschewing any other type of promotional activity almost entirely. As a result, Skips, Hula Hoops, Real McCoy's and KP Nuts have all shown strong growth in this period. {{MARKETING }}