The majority of category sales are taken by the multi-purpose cleaner sector. The area is growing strongly, as are limescale removers, although the real mover and shaker within this category is window cleaners, which has seen annual sales almost double to £16m over the past 12 months. Historically dominated by Windolene and Mr Muscle, window cleaners has been revitalised by Cif's launch of Window Wipes in March last year, closely followed by Windolene Wipes. Within the multi-purpose sector, Flash is by far and away the leading brand, although strongest performances are coming from Domestos following the launch of Bi-actif, Asda own label and Bath Power, which only appeared on shelf last year. Last year's explosive performance of specialist shower cleaners has now levelled off, meaning both Mr Muscle and Dettox have seen growth rates decline considerably. New formats have made a significant impact across this category; the more traditional liquids and sprays are being challenged by the convenience-driven wipes, sales of which have more than doubled in the latest year. Growth of wipes is continuing in the multi-purpose area as well as making a big impact within window cleaners. scouring powders (down 7%) and creams (down 10%) are in marked decline as they have been for some years, while liquids and sprays are both growing well behind the market. Tesco has continued it's share point gain within the category, commanding a 22.9% share. The rest of the big four are losing share to the likes of Morrisons (5.1%), Waitrose (3.3%), Somerfield (3.5%) and Wilkinsons (3.9%) which is the fastest growing retailer in the category. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}