The Jammie Dodgers brand is stepping outside the biscuit category for the first time with the launch of Jammie Dodgers Mini Tarts, a cake brand aimed at children. Produced and distributed by Lowther Cakes, the tarts are available in packs of nine. Lowthers sales and marketing director Peter Lawson said the tarts straddled the cake and biscuit sectors easily, because the hero ingredient, jam, was easily transferred to other products. The Jammie Dodger brand is currently being supported by an ad campaign which features on kids' TV and phone boxes. The ads follow fantasy characters ­ The Rat, Ballistic Ballerina, Disco Alien, Dr Pongadoo; Fumanchew and The Ginger Crab ­ as they compete in the JDWWJWF (Jammie Dodger World Wide Jam Wrestling Federation). They carry the strapline: Let the jam decide.' {{MARKETING - P&P }}