Roger says: "If we bring our prices down we should be able to encourage more people to do a trolley shop. I don't mind making lower margins if we can increase our takings. We want to be like the multiples with our KVIs." The husband and wife took on the store in 1992 as a leasehold property and only started getting deliveries in August. Before this, the pair made the arduous trip to the local cash and carry in Plymouth but finally felt it was just too much trouble and decided to opt for a more corporate identity. Rally is a neighbourhood shop on a big estate near the naval base. Its competition consists of a Spar half a mile away and a bigger Somerfield and Co-op nearer the city. Roger reckons he has a captive audience. "There's a population of about 5,000 round here ­ they're a reasonably affluent crowd ­ mostly working class and about 20% retired. However, we're not sure of the footfall we get and we won't know until we get an EPoS system after Christmas." The Waterfields were happy with their shop, but keen to raise the stakes. The Genesis refit will improve the lighting and an automatic door is being fitted. A wooden counter is being put in and colourcoding will be used to highlight different departments around the store. Apart from the usual features, the Waterfields also hire out videos. New features will include a Bacon Bite ­ a hot food counter with freestanding oven to cook pastries and baguettes ­ and a deck for chilled fruit and vegetables. The store will also have three-weekly promotions and Roger says that, as part of this, he's happy to be more restricted to Londis' chosen suppliers because he will get bigger discounts. The store turns over £15,000 a week, and does especially well on confectionery and frozen food, although Roger's aiming for £20,000 once the refit is complete on December 10. To advertise the changes, the couple plan to do a 2,000 leaflet drop and have already begun advertising on the side of Torpoint ferries. Roger says he hopes extra success will enable him to take on more part-time staff, adding that the refit has already injected a bit of enthusiasm in the current team. "I think we'll recoup the money we spend on this in a couple of years. I want to improve the viability of the business so that I can eventually sell it on." {{COVER FEATURE }}