Sir; Having left the UK just over 18 months ago to pursue a retailing career abroad, I regularly read your magazine to keep pace with retail developments at home. The Marketing and Focus sections, and your articles about seasonal lines, are particularly useful in ensuring that my ranges are up to date for the many visitors and ex-pat residents. While there is so much change, it is nice to know that some things never move on. In particular I refer to your recent articles (news special: Nisa conference & Bogof's week, October 13) that give the details of the latest trip to the sun by the boys from Scunthorpe. They really do set themselves up! A constant gripe is why they are charged more by suppliers ­ all they want is a "level playing field". Yet every year they are told by suppliers that the cost of doing business with them is higher both in respect of the layers of process and in the supply chain. Perhaps it is the "liver pickling endurance test" that addles the brain and kills the grey matter which allows Nisa to forget they have said it all before and that until they can actually come up with a reduced cost to supply they will always be staring into their beer wondering when and where opportunities passed them by. As a UK multiple buyer, it used to be a constant source of hilarity and useful weapon in the cost price argument to push the differential. Now the joke is losing its appeal and looks even more faded from afar. The only ray of hope appears to be some of the comments from Neil Turton about efficiency and logistics discounts and that more time should be devoted to "discussing crucial strategic issues" with suppliers. Good luck Neil. Get in that pit lane and change the "flat tyre". Name and Asian address supplied {{LETTERS }}