?The fact that the supermarkets are moving into the convenience store sector is hugely worrying for us and hiding behind a symbol group won't be of any help at all. If a supermarket chain decides that it wants your business, your days are numbered. For them it's about absorbing as much market share as possible. If they are not granted permission to build a large store they will buy ten smaller stores instead and knock us out that way. They don't want to compete, they want to destroy us. The only way to survive is to diversify and set yourself apart. My store predominantly stocked groceries when I first set it up - now 90% of what it sells is beers, wine and spirits. However, even that side of things is under threat now.

Keep up campaigns Mr Pankhania The General Store, Off Licence, Aston Size: 800 sq ft

?A large supermarket opening near me would have a disastrous impact on my business. The supermarkets have far too much power, particularly when it comes to pushing through planning permission for stores, as we have recently seen with the Tesco Extra scenario in Stockport. However, I do feel that we should keep campaigning against them although whether it actually makes a difference is hard to say. Generally local authorities will only rule against planning permission if it can be proved that the building of a large supermarket would cause a nuisance to neighbours in the surrounding area or have a negative impact on local traffic flow. If not, then there is not much chance of winning.

Blame local councils Ash Maisuria Happy Shopper, C Store,Fallowfield Size: 15,000 sq ft

?The supermarkets are far too powerful and as time goes by it is becoming harder and harder to compete with them. We survive by selling the dribs and drabs that people forget during their main supermarket shop, which is not so bad if you have a store in a rural area. But if a supermarket is right on your doorstep, as is often the case in built- up areas, there is virtually nothing that you can do to hang on to customers' business. Campaigning against the building of a new store or the enlargement of an old one won't make any difference. The supermarkets have absolutely no regard for corner shops and the local authorities do nothing to help. They are as much to blame as the supermarkets for this state of affairs.