A new glossy monthly magazine called Rated, aimed at teenage lads, is to go on sale on May 29. Publisher Thin Ice Media says there is a gap in the market for lifestyle titles aimed at 13 to 19-year-old males who have more disposable income than ever before. The title will have a cover price of £3.99 and will feature an exclusive DVD covermount every month. The DVD ­ in a full size DVD case for high perceived value ­ will feature gadgets, girls, film trailers, music videos, celebrity interviews, sport, and video games with a different female presenter every month. Grant Hughes, marketing manager/publisher, said: "For a long time now it's been a well documented fact that there are plenty of magazines for teenage girls, but none for boys. This is a massive gap in the market that we aim to exploit. "There's certainly nothing to bridge the gap between comics and lads mags, with the result that teenage lads currently buy Loaded and FHM to look at the semi-naked girls, but they have no interest in most of what's written because it doesn't apply to their lifestyle. "As a result they have to buy magazines dedicated to a single subject that's of interest to them, for example football, music or video games. "Rated is taking the best elements from all areas of a teenager's lifestyle, and putting them in a snappy, exciting and readable format. The magazine will be sexy and with a slightly rebellious edge, but will be tame in comparison to the older lads' mags. It will also be very product and brand driven, because teenagers want to know what's new and what's cool. "They can see the brand they want to buy, read about the people they want to be, and look at girls they want as their girlfriends." The marketing campaign for Rated has begun and includes advertising in other Thin Ice titles, postcard adverts within video game products, retail promotions at launch, and branded DVD giveaways in high street multiple stores, including HMV. A special preview edition of Rated will also appear in issue 19 of PSi-2 magazine on sale in April. Iniital print run is 100,000 and the distribution will be by MarketForce. {{CTN }}