In your extensive piece on green issues facing retailers, at no point did you mention the mountains of paper and card that are used to communicate with the consumer in-store ('Who's the greenest?, The Grocer, 16 September, p30). Most major retailers overproduce point-of-sale material by about 15%, because they do not have the ability to produce store-specific marketing material.

Between 30% and 90% of PoS material is discarded without being used.

The ­cumulative effect of this huge waste of materials and mismanagement of resources could be costing your featured retailers more than £13m a year. Changing to a greener approach would stop unwanted material being produced in the first place and reduce the tri-weekly top-up of landfill sites.

The £13m could then be allocated to green initiatives and supporting the three Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle.