1. Why is it that no company wants to employ people over 50? Is there a preconceived idea that oldies' can't understand computers? Wrong. Given the right training anyone can learn. And think of the knowledge and experience you're discarding. At my local Tesco in Henley, one man stands out above all other staff. He must be in his mid 50s, works on the checkout, is knowledgeable, polite, witty and extremely helpful. So it's time for the trade to rethink its policies on us oldies! 2. Not only are supermarket chains content with bowling away the local artisans and small independent shops, now this dog eat dog attitude is moving into their own kind. Almost overnight it seems as if the days of Somerfield are limited, with maybe Sainsbury and M&S not far behind. It would be sad for British shoppers if we ended up with a monopoly or duopoly situation. 3. Dot.com or www are in everyone's conversation every day. It seems that about 25% of TV advertising is dedicated to the internet. While we need progress, this is a massive worry for society. Mr Blair's one aim that will probably succeed is 100% access to the internet via schools, libraries and even pubs. What an exciting nation we are going to be...rows of little people glued to the net, unable to speak unless it's the occasional curse. I can see a future and it's not orange...it will give healthy levels of employment to opticians and chiropractors. If Animal Farm' had been written about computers taking over it would have been far more believable than the story that was actually written. Bring back human communication skills please! {{NEWS }}