Tia Maria, Beefeater and Kahlua could become ranges of clothing, financial services or gifts under new plans announced by Allied Domecq. The company has already extended them into the food market through its Thomas Lowndes ingredients division, but this latest initiative is more ambitious, and will include licensing agreements for standalone products. It has appointed The Licensing Company, which specialises in brand extensions, to look at new opportunities for its leading spirits. David Hayes, AD's vice president of new business innovation, said: "My remit is to look for new ideas outside liquid and to establish what else the brands can do. "This could be anything from food, clothing, gifts and stationery. "I am not closing the doors on anything and the sky is the limit as long as the concept fits the brand." But there will be no scattergun approach. The Licensing Company's global brand manager, Daniel Avener, said: "This is not an exercise to slap labels on just any products. They will have to be relevant to the brands themselves. "Each brand is different and there will be in-depth research across a number of product areas. "We identified the drinks industry as a sector where there were undeveloped opportunities. "These brands are about lifestyle statements and they are a perfect platform from which to extend." All the company's major spirits will be considered for extension, and the first of the new concepts should be on the market in six months. AD's moves into food through Thomas Lowndes have included Tia Maria Truffle Dessert and Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry Trifle. {{DRINKS }}