Father’s Day this month may have indicated a surge in promotions on men’s toiletries, but Stockwatch found only three out of the six major retailers had a wide variety of products on offer.
Between 20% and 25% of SKUs were on promotion out of an average of 141 at the three retailers. Overall, 14% of an average 130 SKUs were on promotion, with 12% of these likely to go out of stock during peak shopping hours. Only 8% of normal lines were at risk.
Asda has the largest range with 188 SKUs but only 4% on promotion, of which 20% were at risk during peak times. Normal lines were better stocked with 7% at risk - just under the sector average.
Sainsbury also carries a wide range of products, with 21% on promotion. But with a lot more lines on promotion than Asda, Sainsbury performs much better for availability, with 8% of promoted lines at risk and 4% of normal lines likely to go out of stock - the best for the sector.
Somerfield’s product offering is much smaller, with 7% of lines on promotion. In terms of availability, Somerfield is the worst for the sector, with a hefty 16% of normal lines at risk and 28% of promoted lines likely to go out of stock at peak times.
Tesco has 4% of its lines in the category on promotion and performs just slightly better than average for availability, with 11% of promoted and 7% of non-promoted lines in danger of going out of stock.
Morrisons’ range is slightly smaller than the sector average, although the number of promoted lines is the second largest. Impressively, in spite of having 20% of products on promotion, none of these lines was at risk during peak shopping hours.
Morrisons’ transitional Safeway stores also performed well in terms of availability. With just over 20% of its 152 SKUs on promotion, availability was better than average, with 6% of normal lines and 8% of promoted lines at risk.