The can’s heyday is over. Pouches have taken over as the preferred format for petfood, and complete offerings have proved appealing to pet owners

Only one of the canned products in this year’s petfood top 20 is in growth. Pouches are easier to open than cans, are provided in a single serving size and provide a fresher meal for pets. Because of their convenience factor, the packs are also priced at a premium to cans so the wet petfood has continued to grow.
Another reason for the decline in cans is the rise of complete, or dry, petfood. Inspired by the Iams launch into grocery a few years ago, all the major manufacturers are now extolling the benefits of complete, with its claim to provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals a pet needs without the mess of wet food.
Whiskas’ pouch has maintained its impressive growth of last year and now tops the brand rankings, ahead of the canned version of the same brand. The fact that multipack pouches are now also available has almost certainly contributed to the format’s success.
Sales of Felix in a can have suffered but the rise of the pouch version has more than offset those losses with £34m sold in the last year. The Pedigree pouch, the biggest selling dogfood brand in this format, has also had a good year, although probably at the expense of the canned variant.
The complete or dry brands on the up are led by Friskies Go Cat, Iams and Whiskas in the cat market and Bakers and Pedigree within dogfood. Dry can contain more nutrients than wet and in smaller quantities, which gives it obvious appeal to pet owners.