Exclusive Mary Carmichael The facial tissue fixture will see a drastic change on October 2, when Fort James launches Le Box ­ the first tissue to be packaged in a plastic, refillable dispenser. This is wipe clean, resistant to damage and damp, and transparent ­ making it possible to see how many tissues are left. It is aimed at design conscious consumers and will be available initially in green, blue and purple. Other colours will follow. The refill packs are two-ply, Kittensoft tissue. "The bulk of the market growth is in regular two-ply," said marketing director Steve Duncan. "When we've proven ourselves there, we'll look at other opportunities." The first year target is 7-12% share of value. Duncan described the launch as "the most innovative thing since the addition of balm". It follows the arrival of Procter & Gamble's Tempo Plus last November and SCA's Velvet tissues in July. It was planned originally for October 1999. The launch will be backed by press ads in retailer magazines in October and home interest magazines from December. The ads minimise branding and highlight colour options, promoting the boxes as stylish hero' room accessories. A six week promotion offers the chance to get money back. Other planned activity includes room makeovers and cross promotions with mobile phones and watches. Rsp: Le Box £2.59 - £2.99; refill 150s, 99p - £1.09. {{P&P }}