Sales of Thomas Tunnock's Teacakes and caramel logs are doing so well the company has brought forward by three years its plans for new production plant for them. Following the successful launch of Dark Chocolate Caramel Wafers and Dark Chocolate Teacakes, it plans to make the dark chocolate versions on an ongoing basis. Next year, the original milk chocolate Caramel Wafers celebrates its 50th anniversary. The company says size and quality has remained the same since 1952. Since its launch last year, the Grisbi range of biscuits from Italian producer Parmalat has been carving a niche in the treats sector of the market. Classic, a chocolate flavoured biscuit with cream fillings in three flavours, has an rsp of 99p for 150g and has listings in Tesco and Sainsbury. Tuá is a chocolate-covered, cream-filled water in two flavours. Palamalat plans to extend the range with cookies, gaufrettes (praline wafers) and Mini Grisbis ­ a snack pack of three chocolate flavoured mini biscuits. Stockan and Gardens is renowned in Scotland for its Tods of Orkney oatcakes. The thin oatcake, one of its bestsellers, won a gold award at the Great Taste Awards UK 2001, as did the company's Petticoat Tails Shortbread. It also won a bronze award for Lemon Cookies, part of its Islander range launched earlier this year. Paterson Arran has launched its Bronte chocolate biscuits, which have a substantial share of the premium sector in foodservice, into the retail market. The brand has been repackaged and extended with the introduced of Chocolate Treats, Clotted Cream Shortbread Fingers and Clotted Cream Shortbread Rounds. Premium Swedish biscuit manufacturer Gille is targeting the snack biscuit market with its new Double Chocolate Crisp, a single biscuit in black and gold packaging at rsp 39p. It is also running a 20% extra free promotion on its standard 125g Double Chocolate Crisp biscuit through Trustin Unimerchants. Well known for its jams and fruit compotes, Bonne Maman is establishing a reputation for its traditional French biscuits. These include Grandes Galettes, a large butter biscuit, Palets, Sablés aux Noix, and Tartelettes in four flavour varieties. Danish Butter Cookies, made by Queens' Biscuits and available from Streamline, come in globe and canister tins and flow pack formats. The range has been extended with Mini Cookies in five flavours, Sweeties Cookies containing sugar coated chocolate pieces and Choco Coco, a chocolate chip and coconut cookie. A 250g flow pack of Queen's Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies has also been introduced. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}