Even more unusual flavours were seen in Japan where Mihon Hammu Group has launched the Aya Rich Collection, an ice cream with red beans grown in the Hokkaido region. The ice cream is packaged in 120ml carton tubs. Still in Japan, Morinaga has introduced a collagen-containing orange-flavoured drink for the image-conscious which is made with Spanish oranges, is rich in calcium and comes in a resealable 70g stand-up pouch. In Germany, thoughts are more seasonal where Campina has launched two new flavoured yogurts under the Landliebe brand. Wintergenuss (a taste of Winter) is a mandarin and marzipan flavoured treat, while Weihnachtsgenuss (a taste of Christmas) has gingerbread and chocolate pieces. Convenience is higher up the agenda in France. French consumers can now enjoy the practicality of eating a sandwich that does not crumble thanks to Régalette which has launched Fringalette, a calzone-style sandwich made with savoury crêpes instead of bread. The crumbless snack is being touted as the first product in its kind and comes in three varieties ­ Jambon Fromage (ham and cheese), Oeuf Surimi (egg and crab sticks) and Poulet Crudités (chicken salad). Also new in France is Nutella Snack & Drink. Ferrero has launched a concept of snack featuring the famous Nutella chocolate spread with stick-shaped biscuit and a peach-flavoured iced tea drink. The three ingredients come in three different compartments. Finally, innovation continues in Italy's functional confectionery sector with the introduction of Dietorelle Gusto + Azione from Socalbe Spa. The sweets, which come in 50g sachets, contain 2% guarana extracts and are also enriched with vitamins C and E, and prebiotic oligofructose. {{P&P }}