Retailers surveyed this month greeted the news that Camelot has retained the licence to run the UK's National Lottery with mixed feelings. Slightly more than half of c-store owners say they are pleased that the lottery is staying in the hands of Camelot while just under a quarter don't think it is a good move. Another quarter of people believe that another of the bidding companies should have been given a chance because of what they regard as poor service from Camelot. Popular complaints against Camelot are that its reps don't make regular enough visits while other shop owners have had trouble getting hold of a terminal. "We tried to get the machine when the lottery started up, but it went to a different store, even though we have longer opening hours," says one retailer. "I would like another bidder to have won, because it's turning into a monopoly situation," says another retailer. "Camelot is becoming dictatorial." Other retailers, however, are much more impressed with Camelot's service. "It has been very good. Camelot always lets us know about the new promotions and pops in to check how we are doing," says one retailer, while another adds: "Camelot is excellent." Despite such mixed feelings, most retailers agree that having a terminal is good for business and the majority of store owners have one. "Sales have improved tremendously since we installed a terminal," says one retailer. Another adds: "We do get extra business but whether people come for the lottery and use the store, or whether they come for the store and use the lottery, I don't know." Not all retailers are convinced about the merits of having a terminal, and 28% of retailers questioned say that they haven't got one and wouldn't like one. The most common reason for this is that they don't want the hassle of having to deal with the lottery, although a lack of space in-store for the terminal is also cited as a reason. "I haven't got the patience to deal with the lottery," says one c-store owner. "My customers have never really seemed that interested in it so I have never tried to enquire about how to get one." Security is also an issue, according to one retailer. "Right now staff can sell a ticket at the terminal without running it through the till. Also the scratchcard auto-replenishment scheme has left me with packs of cards in my safe, which an employee could authorise before getting their friend to claim them. I'm lucky because I trust my staff, but the opportunity to be naughty is there."