The Andersons' Peterhead store was, even by the family's admission, in desperate need of refurbishment. Expanded on the same site since it opened in the 1950s, it has now been brought well into the 21st century. But in keeping with tradition and their strong links with staff, one of the original employees came back to launch the reopening. That day, a Santa's grotto for the kids and raffles for adults helped draw in double the number of usual customers. The Andersons have managed to keep hold of most of their loyal customers, despite the huge upheaval. Footfall dropped 25% when they had to shut off one third of the store but Lara reckons they've got all of them back. To advertise the changes, before the launch the Andersons took a two-page advertorial in the local paper, along with a map showing the new store layout. Lara says some shoppers even bought the paper into the store with them. "We had a really good Christmas and new year and sales were up 10% on drink. Normally we've got heaps of big packs of sweets and selection boxes left, but this year we've not got any. Most special promotions from the Nisa leaflets have sold out too." She adds: "We're getting a nicer class of people ­ more middle class and professional types." The store had a big problem with professional shoplifters before the refit, but the tills have now been sited at the front of the store and shelving has been lowered which has given staff a better view of customers, who themselves can see the wide bank of CCTV cameras. But Lara says everybody's happy now. "Staff have been brilliant about it all and once we've settled in I need to start working out who's best at what department so everyone's happy and productive." Turnover is now up by £20,000 a week to £70,000, and she's pleased to have stopped working till midnight. "I'm calming down a bit now ­ I've just got six weeks of paperwork to catch up with and we're looking at revamping the back office to make it more secure. The store even looks bigger ­ it's fantastic." {{FEATURES }}