Managing director Martyn Ainsley works with his son, James Ainsley, who is head of sales and marketing at Yorkshire-based bakers Ainsleys. Martyn on James I've worked hard at succession planning as less than 13% of family businesses make it to the third generation - we are there now. My father founded the business but died when I was 23 years old, so I had to get stuck in. My sister, Joy Webster, was also involved in the business and we built it up from a small suburban bakers to a company with 31 retail shops and a central BRC grade A bakery that supplies our shops and the multiples. No family member would get into the business without proving themselves in a senior position elsewhere, and James designed his career to come back to Ainsleys. He had experience at Waitrose and has brought in great ideas, in terms of the retail side and what multiples need from their suppliers. He's raised standards in our shops and it's great working with him. He shares the passion and the vision. I'm there as a mentor, and as a backup, but he has his own ideas, which are refreshing. That's down to the training he's had and the succession planning. James on Martyn I've worked on and off for the family business during school holidays and summers when I was a student. I came back in July to work here permanently after four years working at Waitrose, where I was department manager and involved in store development, opening up Waitrose stores acquired from Somerfield. I work closely with my dad. Obviously, we know each other really well and I am learning a lot from him. He has a great deal of experience in the baking industry and as a businessman. He's done extremely well getting the business to this stage. He also has a large business network and contacts for everything. I left Waitrose with some good ideas, which I have brought back here. The management skills and training I received was great. I've got a deep appreciation for customer requirements and trends. The one difficult thing about working with your dad is learning how to switch off when you aren't at work. Ainsleys is our common ground so we have to try hard not to talk about business over a pint or a family meal. We do have other common interests though, including cars, walking and skiing.