? The ban on advertising HFSS foods to children could be extended so such products couldn't be promoted during adult programmes such as The X Factor and Dancing On Ice, according to The Sun. The paper claimed Health Secretary Alan Johnson would order a crackdown on advertising of 'junk' foods during programmes watched by under 16s, even though they are targeted at adults. ? Tesco is considering a push into Britain's property market by launching a new online estate agency, despite recently suspending its online property marketplace, The Times reported. A spokeswoman for the retailer told the newspaper it was reviewing its options "with a view to launching an exciting online estate agency service". Tesco said its property marketplace had received more than 250,000 hits in the first two weeks after it was launched in June. ? The government has put forward plans to switch 90% of milk supplies to long-life UHT in a bid to reduce carbon emissions by cutting down on waste and reducing the need for refrigeration. A draft document has called for milk supplies to not require refrigeration by 2020, said the Mail. The move had come under strong criticism from farmers. ? Coffee prices have surged to a 10-year high, pushed by fears that a drought in Brazil could dramatically reduce supplies, according to the FT. The paper also cited concerns about coffee quality in Vietnam, the world's second-largest producer, as a reason for the price rises. ? Sainsbury's has banned the sale of beer and cider over 5.5% abv at its branch in Ealing following claims that cheap strong alcohol is fuelling drink-related violence and vandalism. The Mirror said the Sainsbury's convenience store was located in a controlled drinking zone and Ealing had the third-highest number of ambulance call outs to drink-related incidents in the capital.