- Approximately one billion servings of cauliflower were consumed in 2002
- Cauliflower accounts for almost 3% of total vegetable consumption
- The largest consumers of cauliflower are women over 45 years old. They account for 30% of cauliflowers consumed
- Children are less likely to eat cauliflowers than other vegetables. They account for fewer than 15% of cauliflowers
- Males aged 65+ have eaten 5% more cauliflowers than they did last year. Females aged 17-24 have also shown 5% growth
- Total consumption of cauliflower in the home fell 4% compared to 2001
- 55% of cauliflowers are consumed at the evening meal while a third are eaten at lunch. However, this meal occasion has experienced the greatest decline with a 5% drop versus last year
- Potatoes and meat are by far the most popular foods consumed with cauliflowers