Sir; re Rural alliance a multiples' stooge', Letters, November 18, p18. I was most disappointed to see Steve Parfett's letter demonstrating that once again the wholesalers find time and energy for "friendly fire". Come on Steve, you have many bigger issues to tackle than ViRSA. If you had done your homework, you would have found that the multiples only got involved because the wholesalers did not support or respond to the small needs of local people. They are often volunteers, trying to supply their shopping wilderness in our rural counties. Sean Carter does not need me to leap to his defence, but what he does need are wholesalers who recognise these rural problems and are prepared to supply in less than case amounts so the village pub or hall can supply a real lifeline to many of our older residents who cannot or won't use Sainsbury's or Somerfield's free bus. Wouldn't it be great to hear a wholesaler has entered the 21st century and has launched internet buying for all large and small retailers and caterers? But instead they leave a void that enabled the multiples to grab some PR kudos and then cry "foul". Thankfully, I am sure that the multiples have neither the commitment or more likely patience to enter this sector seriously. So come on Steve, you have a high profile these days, get your facts straight and give us old boys something to cheer for. Malcolm Carter (previously assistant managing director Nurdin & Peacock) PS: Why not give us some public encouragement at the FWD dinner next week? {{LETTERS }}