?Budget ranges in health and beauty need to have a good image and be of excellent quality. It is possible to do this and manufacture in our own country. To clarify the budget message we have added 99p stickers to all our C&C six-packs with the words 'great profit margin'. We have not price-marked the product as people do not want a price mark staring at them in their bathroom. We have launched 15 lines since January and have a further 20 on the way. The 99p price point is a key area even for some of the big brand names. Brand owners don't like this price point because it is very low and manufacturing costs are rising all the time - however it is the point where volume happens.

Expectations rising Steve Parfett Parfetts Cash & Carry

?We stock Landmark Wholesale's budget range Lifestyle Value, which is mainly non-food items at price-fighting rsps. At the moment there are no plans to expand this - we are happy to maintain the current range. Price has always been the most important factor. That doesn't ignore the importance of other factors such as availability, service and support, but retailers perceive it as the key consideration. However, while price is important for retailers, we are not in a position to place the sort of contracts that would make us the buyer of choice for suppliers. We also need as a sector to better meet consumer needs and expectations, which are rising all the time.

Quality is key Younus Sheikh Bestway Cash & Carry

?We are continuing to develop our Best-in economy range, which is an important aspect of our Best-in own-label grocery range. The group continues to expand and change the range all the time with new lines coming on board to keep the brand alive. Price always has and always will be of major importance to independent retailers. However quality is a key aspect of the brand. We are working hard in terms of keeping prices low but are creating value at the same time. Of course we are concerned by the multiples' budget lines - that is what competition is all about. We have to continue to look for ways to add value at the same time as maintaining good prices.