A posh wine shop has developed a sleek security tag so it can openly display bottles worth more than £100,000 without spoiling their luxurious aesthetics.

Mayfair-based Hedonism Wines worked with retail security specialist Checkpoint Systems to create the bespoke security tag. Unlike most tags used on bottles in supermarkets, the device does not conceal the top of the bottle, allowing discerning winophiles to inspect the cork. It also contains a rubber insert that prevents accidental damage to the bottle’s foil, which Hedonism said would save it thousands of pounds in replacements.

“We sell bottles whose labels were designed by Picasso and Chagall, so you can imagine how important aesthetics are to us,” said a spokesman for Hedonism. “We invested a lot of time working with Checkpoint on the design and several types of rubber were tested.”

Hedonism has ordered 50,000 customised tags. The shop has not seen a single theft since the tags were introduced.