Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings will battle it out in the confectionery aisles as well as at the cinema box office this winter. Confectionery giants Cadbury and Masterfoods will go head to head in the fight for sweet-toothed children, using rival licensing deals. Masterfoods already produces a range of Harry Potter sweets and plans to extend the three-strong range further before the end of the year. But Cadbury aims to magic away some of its rival's market share with a range of Christmas products based on Tolkien's famous characters. The battle will be all the more intense because both the second Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films are due for release, in November and December respectively. Cadbury's products will include a Lord of the Rings selection box retailing at £3.99 and an Advent calendar (rsp: £2.99) with the 25th day containing a gold jelly ring. However, it will not be the first time that Cadbury has tested the water with its three-year licensing deal. It sneaked out two Lord of the Rings products this Easter which generated sales of more than £1m despite only selling in Woolworths. Masterfoods has yet to reveal its plans for Christmas. Meanwhile, a new indulgent treat for women called Mye is likely to cause the biggest stir among Cadbury's other new offerings this year. Launching in September, the truffle and cream mousse treats will retail at 89p for a pack of three or £2.79 for 12. Support will include a £1m round of spending. {{P&P }}