September's issue of Cosmopolitan comes with a free magazine ­ Cosmopolitan's Professional Bad Boys' Sex Confessions, part of the Cosmo Confessions Collection. Cosmopolitan says the free magazine aims to expose men at work "from the fireman to the policeman, the doctore to the construction worker". It adds: "This magazine has the biggest collection of professional men's rudest and raunchiest secrets... Only for very brave and non-bashful readers." The issue also has an exclusive reader offer to attend the launch of Lancome's new colour collection at Selfridges, where celebrity make-up artist Daniel Sandler and Cosmo beauty director Alessandra Steinherr will talk through the latest key trends and show how to wear the new collection. The offer allows readers in for just £10 per person with all proceeds to charity. Cosmopolitan is on shelf on August 15 with a cover price of £2.80; distribution is by Comag. {{CTN }}