Drag queens are not the first thing that springs to mind in connection with household cleaners. But it’s Chris Pote’s job to come up with unusual ideas that attract consumers to the category.
And his team’s latest marketing initiative is no exception. Pote explains: “In April as part of our Domestos Pink ‘It’s not what you would expect’ campaign, many of our retailers will have sequinned drag queens dressed in glitter outfits promoting instore awareness.”
The plan is definitely not what the average supermarket shopper might expect. A lesser person might have baulked at the concept, but not Pote. He revels in it. “Household cleaning, typically, is not always seen as exciting and part of my role is turning around this perception in this £418m category.”
The ‘pink’ campaign is a prime focus for him at the moment. He has also been overseeing retailers’ response to different aspects of the range. “One of the highlights of the last week was a meeting with one of our retailers to get feedback on how our ‘pink’ range was doing. Fragrance and packaging are important in motivating our consumers and
our ‘pink’ products in the Cif and Domestos range have been designed for shelf stand out.”
His role, which includes boosting sales of Persil Washing Up Liquid, involves travelling. He says: “Another highlight from last week was spending time in Milan at our innovations centre focusing on the long term strategy for our household cleaning brands.
“During this visit we also reviewed the latest advertising concepts for Cif and Domestos and how the brand personalities are brought to life through the media.”
Outside work, Pote says his two-year-old daughter, Taegen, occupies most of his time. He also supports Ipswich football club and listens to Annie Lennox.
domestos gets a few Sequins