Greek yoghurt brand Total is embarking on a new lighthearted ad campaign to broaden its consumer appeal.

Activity will kick off this week with two 30-second commercials airing for three months on GMTV.Part of the £2m campaign spend for the brand, the ads will air to the sound of the Noel Coward track 'Every Little Fish' and feature animated characters Cow, Zebra and Spoonbill.

Cow had been chosen for her association with yoghurt and dairy, Zebra symbolised the wellbeing and energy of the modern, health-conscious consumer and Spoonbill symbolised desire, according to brand owner FAGE.

"This campaign is a significant, refreshing change in direction for Total, which will create excitement and interest," said marketing director Emma Wilson. A yet-to-be-named celebrity chef will demonstrate recipes in 30-second GMTV slots this month and next.