Nestlé Rowntree is gearing up for the launch of a kingsize version of its biggest launch ever, the Kit Kat Chunky. And it is telling retailers to stock up on Kit Kat Chunky Kingsize which it says will be as popular as the original. Graham Walker, Nestle Rowntree sales communications manager, said: "It's crucial that retailers get ready for the launch of the Kit Kat Chunky Kingsize. Think back to the launch of Kit Kat Chunky when demand was phenomenal. Retailers should be well stocked up and make their display as big and bold as possible." The new version weighs in at 77g (rsp 41p) and is available from October 23. Kit Kat Chunky was launched as a beacon brand in April 1999, with 253 million bars sold in the first year. 54 million bars were dispatched in the first two months and it claims that awareness of KitKat Chunky was over 80% after five months. But it came up against problems in the trade when not all retailers could get hold of enough of them to meet demand. Nestlé also plans to launch a chunkier Yorkie in original, honeycomb and raisin and biscuit flavours next year. The bars weigh 10g more than before (rsp 35p). The launch is backed by a Sky Sports sponsorship deal aimed at the core 16-34 male consumers. {{P&P }}